Paperwrk. Creating a start-up brand that will remain strong throughout its development.

I co-founded Paperwrk with CEO Neil Wooding in 2016, and our intention was to create a service that helped workers in the developing ‘gig economy’ to not only manage their business administration, but offer guidance and support along the way.


If my experience of being self-employed is anything to go by, it’s not always easy to know about how to run a business on a freelance or contract basis. Alongside the many legal and taxation implications to consider, there’s the more straightforward aspects such as invoicing, chasing payment, and keeping track of the projects you need to deliver.

With Paperwrk, we decided to develop a solution that offers people an easy-in to running their own business; streamlining and automating the admin side, while making sure it was straightforward and easy to understand. The brand needed to authoritiative and supportive, whilst sitting alongside competing and complimentary solutions in what in some ways, is already crowded market.

Screen layouts for desktop and mobile apps

“Denise’s vision for Paperwrk has resulted in an extremely strong and exciting brand which would be the envy of many other startups, and has led to multiple investment opportunities.”


Paperwrk was chosen as a PITCH competitor at WebSummit 2018, attracted numerous investment offers, and our unicorn sticker was one of the highlights of the conference, making people smile as soon as they saw them (which was lovely to see and experience).

Paperwrk has been recognised as a brand with an exceptionally strong visual presence, engaging people’s interest, and then allowing the solution itself to be communicated clearly from day one.

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Paperwrk. Creating a start-up brand that will remain strong throughout its development.

Creating a startup brand that would appeal to clients, users, and investors, throughout the conception and development of the product, through to application across the app, social media, funding rounds, and real-world use.

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