I’m Denise Pope; a talented, creative and committed graphic designer, with years of experience and many client testimonials, along with a strong portfolio of work, my passion is in designing for people.

Small Business Owners:

Design for small business owners

Kiera runs a small business from home and is running out of time to create brand assets for social and marketing.

Through some carefully considered recommendations and design work, I’ve helped people like Kiera develop their brand into an asset that gives her extra confidence and helps her win new clients.

SME Marketing Managers:

Design for SME Marketing Managers

Matthew takes care of marketing forthe company he works for, and what he does directly impacts on hittingsales targets.

I’ve helped people like Matthew with creative for social, advertising, sales literature and brochures, and exhibitions. I’m trusted to constantly deliver high quality creative, every time.

Managing Directors:

Design work for Managing Directors

Connie’s the MD of a well-established company that continues to grow, but their brand hasn’t developed at the same pace.

I help people like Connie take stock of where their brand is now, and where it needs to go. I bring a customer-centric perspective, and make sure that any change will have a genuine impact.

Creative Directors:

Design work for Creative Directors

Robert runs a creative agency that’s nailing their client work so well, they sometimes need extra capacity.

With nearly 15 years running similar agencies myself, I hit the ground running, take a brief and deliver. Whether it’s an ongoing requirement, or seeing a specific project through from start to finish, I’m always hard working and hugely effective.

In a nutshell, I can help with:

Creating a New Brand

Your brand is an opportunity to create a connection that lasts a lifetime. Getting it right from the outset is crucial. From creating a new logo, to developing a complete brand, naming, and positioning strategy, it requires a planned, logical approach as well as creative vision.

Developing your Brand

There’s nothing more limiting for any brand than being misunderstood, whether through lack of clarity or a change in market conditions. Fortunately, we can go back to basics to change the perception of your brand to redefine what it means and who it appeals to.

Design & Artwork

There’s good design behind any good brand. I’ve spent years working on and overseeing design projects, bringing coherence to disparate elements, and developing design systems. I’m a designer at heart, so I’m always happy to get involved with one-off design requirements.

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