Branding Hannah Jones Music – Turning it up to full 80s before anyone’s even pressed Play.

A love of 80s music, technology, and style, combined with classically-trained musicianship and modern electronic production… perhaps isn’t the most straight-forward brief I’ve ever received.


But for Hannah, it was vital we captured the essence of what makes her music sound so good, and that meant reflecting as many audio cues as possible, as well as showcasing Hannah’s clear talent and passion for her work. Not to mention the obvious need to reflect her personality.

Fortunately, there are two great things about Hannah. Firstly, symmetrical logos give you built-in balance (to me, balance is fundamental to getting the ‘visual’ element nailed) so the fact Hannah’s name is a pallindrome is particularly useful. Secondly, we can use the peaks of the As to reflect the soundforms inherent in any music production. This is something that seems obvious in hindsight, but it was a concept that only really became apparent during the initial sketching phase.

Various track artwork

“I was at an event recently and someone commented on how good my branding is. Nothing about the music, just the branding. Thanks for that.”


Hannah has an incredible amount of talent and it was a pleasure to work with her on her visual identity, along with her social media presence, quickly gaining a small but loyal following. Her music is incredibly good, and I’m looking forward to listening to her first EP release soon.

Listen to some of Hannah’s work at Hannah Jones Music.

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